Magnetic meridian therapy for breast tightening (Health care/ Breast care/ Tighten & Lifting)

Tighten and lift your breast.  Reconstruct the shape and line of your bosom.  Increase your skin elasticity.  Drain and smooth your meridian system.  Lift the health level of your breast.

Health care:  suitable for all, including for those who suffer from poor blood circulation and tenderness at breasts

Beauty care:  suitable for those who desire a breast enhancement; those who suffer from asymmetry breast line, sagginess and reduction after giving birth.


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健康瘦身 -
幫助生龍鳳胎的 Fiona (餐廳老闆娘) 回復產前的苗條身段
夫妻經絡護理 -
Ken (產品設計師) 肩膀回復輕鬆;Subie (O.L.) 回復尖臉,改善身段線條


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