Organic Anti-water retention Manual lymphatic massage (Detoxification)

Anti-water retention Manual lymphatic massage (Detoxification)

Detoxify and cleanse your lymphatic channels to prevent water retention, contour your body figure, shape your body parts including hands, feet, back and belly; strengthen body immunity.
Lymphatic massage requires exquisite techniques and experience - lymph is located close to our skin surface, massage force has to be exact and adequate to ensure an effective detoxification and to prevent tissue damages. You may choose to massage with natural herbal essence oil for further enhancement.
The three main body's lymphatic garbage collection points are neck, armpits and groin. Appropriate strength has to be applied to push lymphatic fluid to the lymphatic nodes, and let your lymphatic nodes to detoxify your body's toxins and remove excess water. It also prevents excessive toxins to be accumulated and the formation of knots. You may feel a bit uncomfortable when there is too much toxin accumulated in certain part of your body. Otherwise, the whole massage process is ensured to be pleasant and relaxing. Maintain a smooth and healthy lymphatic system helps promoting body metabolism, boosting your immune system, shaping your body figure and brightening your skin.

For New customer $238 (45mins)
** Includes a gift of meridian induction meter once

$2980 for 10 times & free detox treatment 1 time

(Promotion period offer)


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